Why We Are AAHA

Did you ever wonder why we have this AAHA logo all over the hospital?

Unfortunately Veterinary Medicine has very little regulation with inspections to make sure that hospitals are providing quality and safe medical care. AAHA is the only organization that thoroughly inspects hospitals to make sure that they are excelling in everything from safe anesthesia, good pain medicine, appropriate use of antibiotics, hygiene in exam rooms and kennels.

We are AAHA accredited and only 10% of hospitals pass their rigorous inspections, and this is something that we are very proud of. If you ever decide to choose another hospital, please make sure that they are AAHA accredited.

 Being an AAHA-accredited hospital demonstrates our commitment both to your pet and to you as well as our desire to exceed your expectations of standard veterinary care. We want you to feel secure in the care your pet receives while in our hospital, so it is our mission is to hold the highest standards with every patient we see and with every client we meet. Here is more information if you are curious: https://www.consumersadvocate.org/features/aaha-the-league-of-champions.

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